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Zasedání Eurowindoor AISBL Zürich

Aktuality / Publikováno 2019-03-22

Dne 21.3.2019 proběhlo v Zürichu pravidelné zasedání Eurowindoor AISBL, která sdružuje národní organizace se zaměřením na LOP, okna, dveře (ČKLOP je členem od 1.1.2016).

Hlavními tématy tohoto zasedání byly tematické okruhy:

Energy Efficiency 
Implementation of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: 
Draft Guidance document of the EC (EW(18)42) 
Feasibility study and two stakeholder consultation meetings concerning renovation passport (24 June and 28 November 2019) 
2nd technical study on the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for buildings 
Concerted Action EPBD meetings in 2019 
New development of Ecodesign preparatory study for Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) • Further proceeding 
Contact to European Commission DG ENER 

CE-marking and Standardisation 
Status of review of the Construction Product Regulation 
Actual situation in CEN/TC 33 • Revision of CEN/TC 33 Mandate(s) / Standardisation Request 
New formal process for citation of harmonised product standards 
Status of product standards (prEN 14351-1, EN 14351-2, EN 13830) 
Inception impact assessment on revision of Machinery Directive (EW(19)02) and EW(19)05 
Contact to European Commission DG GROW 
Activities of ISO/TC 162 
Report of ISO/TC 162 Plenary Meeting January 15th, 2019 in Rosenheim 
Status of Work of WG 3, 4 and 5 
Standardisation for glass (CEN/TC 129 and 250) 
Health and Environment 
REACH restriction for lead and lead compounds in PVC 
RoHS directive - RoHS requirements for windows and doors with electrical equipment • EuroWindoor position on RoHS requirements for windows and doors with electrical equipment depending from route of distribution (EW(18)44final) 
Status exemption request for lead and cadmium in PVC profiles of electric windows and doors 
Revision of RoHS directive (EW(18)33) 
Drafting of EuroWindoor Information “ROHS - Fast Facts" 
Review of Waste Policy and Legislation (Zegelaar) 
EU product policy and the Circular Economy Action Plan 
Public consultation on the EU product policy (EW(19)01) 
Preparation of a EuroWindoor position paper 
Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on March 6th, 2019 
Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) (Janatuinen) 
Contact to European Commission DG ENV 

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